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Why paying for the service?

Because the process is not as easy as it seems. There are multiple reasons why the refund process gets stuck. Let’s mention one here: You might think that submitting one form “V0901” is enough. Once submitted the pension insurance will send you a letter asking for additional documentation. But you do not receive that letter from the pension insurance, because it got sent to your former address in Germany or got stuck in the mail. And now? This is just one obvious reason but the devil is in the details. The pension insurance will not just request the form V0901 but a seperate form to verify your identity, and another one which in most cases needs to be stamped and signed by your bank. Also you need to make sure documents are notarized. All of this hassle, we will manage for you. Online, digital and friction free. You will always know in which step of the process you are and do not need to leave your house.

We are experts on the refund process.
Now it’s your turn:

The eligibility check is free of charge and takes less then 1 minute.
We will show you the result instantly.