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Which documents do I need to send to get my Pension Refund?

If you have already started your research, you might have come across the form V0901. Besides filling this form, you need a Proof of residence, valid passport, Certificate of Life and Nationality (different types for different countries), Payment Declaration (different types for different countries), Annual Tax Slips, Insurance Record, the Deregistration Certificate from Germany and so on.

If you decide to run the process yourself, the person in charge of your case might request further documents. Some of these documents are internal pension office documents which are not publically available and are prepared individually for your case. Hence you cannot prepare them in advance. We have seen these documents many times and know exactly what the pension insurance wants and needs.

If you still decide to send the documents yourself, make sure you send the right ones. If you will make a mistake in one of the documents it can cost you a lot of time and stress. We do not want to fear you but have many clients who have filed the documents themselves, spend a lot of time with filling forms and paying fees to notaries and postal services before asking us for advice. If you like it stress free and 100% online and digital, we are happy to help. Start with your free eligibility check now.

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