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How do you manage to speed up the process to just 4-8 weeks?

We are 100% digital. We have studied the processes of the Pension Insurance for many years and went through the manual pain of filling forms, calling pension insurance employees multiple times a week, filing complaints, writing letters, calling them again and again with the result: 1) We know how the process works and what the pension insurance wants to see. 2) We are in constant contact with the Pension Insurance officials and know if requirements change 3) We have digitalized every step of the refund process, so you safe time and effort and don't have to go through the stress of paperwork. Everything happens on our online platform. So focus on what is important in your life. Family, friends, your dog?...while we take care of getting your money back.

We deliver the fastest pension refunds with average process time of 4-8 weeks with no friction in a 100% digital environment. Lean back and get started now.

We are experts on the refund process.
Now it’s your turn:

The eligibility check is free of charge and takes less then 1 minute.
We will show you the result instantly.