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How do I calculate my German Pension Refund Amount?

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You can calculate the expected refund (if you are eligible) pretty simple.
Take your your gross salary (there is a maximum cap) and multiply it by 50% of the legally defined percentage of pension contributions of the corresponding year.
The cap and contributions vary depending on where you live in Germany (West/East) and if you are insured at the "Rentenversicherung" or "Knappschaft". Add the sums together and you have your German pension refund amount.

We have quite spend some time with all these regulations, maximum caps and yearly changing % contribution rates and developed a calculator for you.

We recommend you to first start to check if you are eligible and if you are we will ask you in the process if you want that we calculate your expected refund.

We are experts on the refund process.
Now it’s your turn:

The eligibility check is free of charge and takes less then 1 minute.
We will show you the result instantly.