Back to Blog How do I request a bank account ownership certificate at Wise, N26 and Revolut?

How do I request a bank account ownership certificate at Wise, N26 and Revolut?

If you want to get the payout of your Pension Refund directly to your bank account, you need to proof that you are the account owner.

Many online or digital banks do no longer have branch offices, so you can mostly get the account ownership certificate directly online through their Website or App. Following I summarzied the steps to get the document at 3 Digital Banks: Wise, N26 and Revolut



1. Open the Wise app on your mobile phone

2. Click on the account for which you want to have a "proof of account details" 

3. Click on the 3 dots "..." on right upper corner, then select "Get proof of account details".

A PDF document will be created and you can download it or send it to you via Email


N26 Bank

1. Open the N26 Web app at (NOT the mobile phone app) 

2. On the upper part of the website, click on the button "Downloads"

3. Scroll down the page until the end. On the right side you find the section "Account confirmation". You do NOT need to click on "Current Account Balance" and "Active Cards Numbers". 

4. Click on "Request"

You will shortly receive an Email with a link to your Message Inbox of the N26 App. There you find a PDF document with the Bank account confirmation



1. Open the Revolut App

2. Tap on your Profile in the left upper corner

3. Tap on "Help" -> Scroll a bit down and Tap on "Get more help and contact us"

4. Tap on "My Account and Profile" -> Tap on last topic "More Help with My Account"

5. Tap on "Account Statements & Documents" -> Tap on last topic "Help with somethign else"

6. Tap on "Chat with us"

7. Type in chat: I need a document verifying that I am the holder of this Revolut account. Please send me the "Account confirmation" document as PDF here in the chat, including section "Account Holder" and "Account details".


Hope this helps. Let me know if you have further questions. Simlpy write me to

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