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Getting back on track with your US Taxes after moving away from Germany

You’ve done it. You’ve had your adventures and now you’ve returned to the US. If you failed to file your US taxes while you were away – oops – don’t panic. There is an easy way to get caught up and you could even get a tax refund while you are at it!

MyExpatTaxes provides affordable software to make getting caught up on your US taxes easier than ever. With real-human support, you can get your questions answered and have your tax returns reviewed by a US Tax Expert.

MyExpatTaxes was founded by Nathalie Goldstein, an expat herself and IRS Enrolled agent. Their goal is to help expats, and re-pats get tax compliant and stay caught up!


The Streamlined Procedure

On September 1st, 2012, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) introduced the Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedure, colloquially known as the streamlined procedure. Primarily devised to assist American taxpayers with low-risk violations, these procedures facilitate full compliance without incurring penalties. This program significantly reduces the burden of tax reconciliation, as it necessitates the submission of only a specific set of forms to address overdue taxes.

Additionally, the penalty-free program for US taxpayers serves as an attestation that the taxpayer's failure to disclose foreign financial assets and meet US tax obligations was not a result of deliberate intent. In essence, this certification implies that the individual unconsciously chose to avoid reporting and settling taxes, despite being cognizant of the legal requirements.

Using the penalty-free Streamlined Procedure is a legal and safe way to fix up your past tax filing neglect as an American expat. Even if you have tax debt or haven’t filed in ten years or more, the Streamlined program always allows you to catch up.


Get a Refund!

The best news about getting caught up on your US taxes is you can still qualify for Stimulus Payments and any eligible Child Tax Credit Refunds! But don’t wait too long! Unclaimed refunds can only be claimed for up to three years. The clock is running on stimulus payments and refundable child tax credits. Create an account with MyExpatTaxes today and get started. It’s easier than you think!


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